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مبادرة مركزك الصحي بمشاركة مدارس الحصان

Your health center initiative with the participation of alhussan schools

The Public Health Department of the First Health Cluster in the Eastern Region organized the "Health Center" in cooperation with the Eastern Region Secretariat, with the participation of Al Hussan Secondary Schools in Dammam.
The event included several awareness-raising elements of medical and psychological counseling as well as vaccination against seasonal flu. In addition, various initiatives aimed at promoting sports and raising awareness of the community on health methods, whether in food or movement, and more than 100 seedlings were planted throughout the park.
The student Ali Al-Majdoui from alhussan secondary schools give a definition of volunteer work for the Saudi media and television. In conclusion, Assistant Deputy General of the Eastern Region Dr. Nawaf Al-Otaibi honored all those who contributed to the success of this event.