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اختبار تحديد مستوى اللغة الإنجليزية ضمن برنامج التجسير الجامعي

Test the English language level within the University Bridging Program

170 students from alhussan schools in the Deanship of the preparatory year and supporting studies at Prince Mohammed bin Fahad University carried out the tests of the level in the English language department within the university bridging program and in preparation for classifying the students according to the level.
Mr. Rashid Al-Hussan, General Manager of Al-Hussan Group for Education and Training Holding, said that the level-setting tests were designed based on the achievement of students in the general and intermediate levels of education and to measure their true level to be placed in the appropriate program for their abilities and to be able to pass the English course according to the academic plan for each level .