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تعاون بين مجموعة الحصان وجامعة الأمير محمد بن فهد

Cooperation between alhussan group and Prince Mohammed bin Fahd University

In order to achieve fruitful cooperation between Al-Hussan Group for Education and Training Holding and Prince Mohammed Bin Fahad University in the fields of academic, scientific, training, cultural and developmental, it was agreed to design the university bridging program between the two parties to qualify for the university. English language and preparatory year materials to help them succeed academically and professionally.

Mr. Rashid Al-Hussan, General Manager of Al-Hussan Group for Education and Training Holding, said: "We seek to develop and support the frameworks of mutual understanding in the mechanisms of the comprehensive educational process in each of the two sides through exchanging experiences in the fields of mutual cooperation and enhancing cooperation in the academic, scientific, To coordinate programs, faculty members, researchers and employees of both parties, and to conduct joint projects in the academic, scientific, training and development fields, and to promote the exchange of academic, scientific, training and development visits.

"The program aims to prepare early for university enrollment, shorten the university academic stage, grant accredited transfer and pass the preparatory year, prepare students for tests of international standards (such as mathematics and English), and grant a certificate of passing the program from Prince Mohammed University.