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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

       To provide outstanding educational services, based on international standards, in a safe and stimulating environment through:

  • Paying attention to all aspects of student growth (intellectual, behavioral, psychological, and physical) so that he can apply what he learns in real life contexts and to qualify him to join top universities.
  • Giving due attention to gifted and talented students to maximize their achievement.
  • Continuous development of staff competencies and skills, by applying state of the art modern educational methodologies.
  • Continuous improvement of physical learning environment, with high technology support.
  • Implementing a supportive  e-learning system.
  • Participation of the local community
  • Adopting updated, high quality curricula consistent with the most recent developments in an era of knowledge explosion. 
Our Vision
       Leadership in nurturing a creative, talented and distinguished generation, who is proud of his Islamic identity, capable of facing challenges
       and actively involved in the development of his society.